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Product Spotlight

available from Innovative Color Labs
We are pleased to introduce our new colour charts. We can do small runs to accomodate the Salon Owner or Beauty Supply Operator from our extensive line of well over 175 Nail Lacquer Colours and treatments. Contract filling is a specialty of ours, as well. ...
available from Super Max Enterprises
Contact SUPER MAX to learn more about the sharpeners - tools and implements the company offers. SUPER MAX has been a pioneer in manicure and pedicure Beauty care Instruments production in Sialkot Pakistan. We are working with highly skilled craftsmen and with the most modern production methods....
available from Continuum Pedicure Spas
Designed with all the features of a large pedicure throne the Pedicute portable spa is so much more than just a bowl of water. Whether it’s at a retirement community, a poolside cabana, in a posh resort room or in a salon, The Pedicute’s compact and lightweight design is perfect for a performing a...

Top Companies

Serving the health and beauty care industry since 1982, we offer salon quality products for retail, wholesale, and private label.
saQu, Cole and Latina branded name lacquers and treatments as well as Private Label services.
SUPER MAX Enterprises produce manicure, pedicure instruments, beauty care instruments, Dental Instruments, Orthodontic pliers, Cutters, TC Insert Instruments and surgical instruments in Sialkot Pakistan. SUPER MAX Enterprises invests in research and development to deliver high quality products.
Continuum pedicure spas give you peace of mind that you are buying the highest quality and most Eco-friendly pedicure chairs available. Continuum pedicure chairs utilize natural components, much less plastic and operate with fewer resources then other pedicure spas ensuring a better pedicure spa for you and the environment. The Continuum...