Product Spotlight
  • Available from Calgel America, Inc. (GELNAIL EXPERT)

    It's in the gel. Prevent fungus, and reduce infection, while maintaining optimal performance as you wear your favorite ARTGENiC colors. The world's first and only gel manicure system, featuring FDA approved Nano-Silver Technology incorporated in the gel. This function operates on the surface of... Read More
  • Available from Innovative Color Labs

    Latina Nail Enamels are a selection of the most popular colors in Mexico, Puerto Rico and The Carribean. Latina Nail Enamel offers excellent shade selection and an ultra professional treatment range. Exclusive Salon Formulation is long lasting, provides excellent coverage and resistance to... Read More
  • Available from Continuum Pedicure Spas

    The signature curved base, high quality laminates or genuine cherry wood veneers, hand cut and sewn upholstery, pipe-free dual action jet and rolling/kneading massage are a few of the features that distinguish the Echo pedicure chair. The Echo is built from the ground up in New Berlin, Wisconsin... Read More
Top Companies
  • Calgel America, Inc. has been offering its products in the USA since 2005. Calgel is one of the world’s most renowned gel manicure brands, and now introduces the new, innovative brand “ARTGENiC.” Featuring state-of-the-art LED technology, it provides the fastest application possible. This... Read More
  • saQu, Cole and Latina branded name lacquers and treatments as well as Private Label services. Read More
  • Continuum pedicure spas give you peace of mind that you are buying the highest quality and most Eco-friendly pedicure chairs available. Continuum pedicure chairs utilize natural components, much less plastic and operate with fewer resources then other pedicure spas ensuring a better pedicure spa... Read More