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  • Bio Sculpture® Accessories

    The basic manicure accessories remain the same, irrespective of whether you are doing a polish manicure or gel application. Here you will find several products from extension forms, preparation products and cotton rolls and wipes. Bio Sculpture Nail Wipes are made from a virtually lint-free... Read More
  • Bio Sculpture® Brushes

    Being a manicurist, choosing the right gel brush for the job is often the key to success in completing a neat and tidy application. Professional manicurists use sable hairbrushes for producing smooth, flat precise strokes and because of its strength and absorbency, high quality sable brushes are... Read More
  • Bio Sculpture® Buffs & Files

    Bio Sculpture® offers individually-packaged professional nail files and a specially designed handle and disposable patches in assorted grits. The file handle can be sanitized and will last indefinitely, just stick on your preferred grit patch and dispose of it after use. Using the correct nail... Read More
  • Bio Sculpture® Clear Gel

    Bio Sculpture® Clear Gel USE: First layer. Silk repairs. Free-Form extensions. Flexible Upper Arch. •Provides flexibility to the natural nail and better adhesion for the following layers. •Used as a first layer for French. •Creates a smooth even surface for color gels, especially shimmer... Read More
  • Bio Sculpture® Color Gels

    THE WOLD'S 1ST "NO CHIP" COLOR GEL! Bio Sculpture Color Gels not only gives the natural nail added strength, durability and firmness, it also provides long lasting “No Chip” nail color. Bio Sculpture Gel does not smudge, crack or wear away at the free edge and dries instantly one cured under a... Read More
  • Bio Sculpture® Color Polish

    Not wearing Bio Sculpture® Gel nails… give a little spunk to your natural nails or use these polishes as a temporarily color change over color gels until you desires to return to the original gel color. Bio Sculpture® Color polishes are available in over 100 matching colors to our European... Read More
  • Bio Sculpture® Complete 9watt UV-A Lamp

    Bio Sculpture® Complete 9watt UV-A Lamp is a stylish and rugged UV curing lamp that comes with a two minute timer installed and a removable tray that can be placed upside down for pedicure services. Two Single UV-A 9watt/78 Phillips® Bulbs (included) will cure Bio Sculpture® Gel in two minutes.... Read More
  • Bio Sculpture® Nail Art

    Looking for a beautiful way to spice up your style?... Nail art is a creative way, through which nails can be designed and decorated. It makes a strong fashion statement for women of all ages, and compliments any outfit. A lot of our interaction is dependent on our hands and fingers. Bio... Read More
  • Bio Sculpture® Sculpting Gel

    Bio Sculpture® Sculpting Gel USE: Extend the corner of a ripped natural nail. First layer under opaque color overlays on weak (damaged or soft) natural nails. Sculpt a flexible gel extension. •Resembles the color of the natural free edge. •Cures for two minutes. •Needs to be stirred before... Read More
  • Bio Sculpture® Starter Kit

    It is required to purchase a Professional Starter Kit in order to purchase Bio Sculpture® Color and Treatment Gels. As a USA state board licensed manicurist or cosmetologist, select one of four Starter Kits to open your Professional Bio Sculpture USA account. With the purchase, training for one... Read More
  • Bio Sculpture® Treatments

    Bio Sculpture Treatments Fingernails and toenails are made up of keratin, a hard, strong protein that is also found in your hair and skin. In order to strengthen the nail and prevent it from becoming dry or brittle, nutrients need to be applied in various forms. Bio Sculpture offers several... Read More
  • Bio Sculpture® Utensils & Clippers

    In order to provide a truly exceptional service make sure that you are adequately equipped with the correct tools. Handling sharp implements with confidence is important to client comfort. Technicians have to rely on several utensils for delicate procedures and precision work. Bio Sculpture... Read More

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